50 Facts: Revisited

Monday, March 2, 2015
I think I'm back for good this time!
I'm cleaning up my blog and adding new posts that have to do with this brand new season! Thank you for being patient with me and letting me do my thing for the past year; it was desperately needed and I can still hardly believe things are slowly but surely turning themselves around in my life.


Here's an updated list of 50 facts about me!

1. I am strong and resilient.
2. I'm married to a Canadian named Dustin.
3. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
4. I then moved to OC, California for 5 years.
5. I now live in the Okanagan, British Columbia.
6. I want to go back to school soon and get my degree in applied psychology.
7. I have one niece and two nephews.
8. I'm a deep thinker.
9. I hate small talk.
10. I have an autoimmune disease called Fibromyalgia, and I've had it for 8 years.
11. I also suffer from manic depression.
12. I love sushi
13. and cotton candy
14. and shopping at Target.
15. I used to drive the cutest 2012 Ford Focus hatchback back in Cali.
16. Chocolate over vanilla, always.
17. I love the Hunger Games
18. and Harry Potter
19. and Divergent.
20. and I'm obsessed with The Office; I've seen the entire series at least 11 times.
21. I love to make others laugh.
22. I love babies and have a huge spot for them in my heart.
23. Dustin is my second husband.
24. I don't like to wear much jewelry other than my wedding rings.
25. I really want to go to Hawaii.
26. I am right handed.
27. I'm gluten-intolerant.
28. I'm an introvert,
29. but I am outgoing.
30. My favorite color is pink.
31. I want to be a therapist.
32. I have a bad habit of picking off my fingernail polish.
33. Dogs are my favorite animal. All dogs. Ever.
34. I hate to cook, but I'm learning.
35. Sweet over sour.
36. Night over day.
37. Staying in over going out.
38. Sleeping in over rising and shining.
39. Train over plane.
40. Beach over mountains.
41. Basketball over football.
42. LA Clippers over LA Lakers.
43. Roller coasters over every other type of ride.
44. I know that the LDS Church is the church of God and that His gospel is true.
45. I absolutely love celebrating birthdays and holidays.
46. I love sending and receiving snail mail.
47. I have a celebrity crush on Justin Timberlake.
48. I'm learning how to truly rest on the Sabbath.
49. I strive to always be learning and growing and bettering myself.
50. I love Hello Kitty.

One thing that will not be tolerated no matter what is online bullying in the comments. If you don't agree with something from my life, get over it. Don't tell me about it. Don't give me crap about it. Just leave me alone and move on. The world is ugly and dark enough without your two cents.

Thank you! I've missed you all so much!



  1. I'm glad to see that you're back and with a huge smile on your face! I can't wait to follow your journey here, along with Instagram :)

  2. Glad to have you back!! and you live so close to me now!

  3. I went to your blog earlier and it said it didn't exist and now it showed up so I am happy. Glad to learn some more things about you. :)


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