My Bucket List: Before I Die

Thursday, January 19, 2012
I think it's such a good idea to have goals and dreams to get us through each day during this life; something to look forward to, and to show our progress when we do things we've only imagined of doing on paper. This is that for me, my bucket list. There are 100 spaces and I still have a few empty as I've edited this a few times over the years, but I'm excited and hopeful to cross more off my list!

My Bucket List: Before I Die

001. Walk the great wall of China.
002. Take a long road trip.
003. Go on a cruise.
004. Use one planner for an entire year.
005. Visit the Grand Canyon.
006. Go to the Vancouver LDS temple.
007. Visit Paris, France.
008. Ride the train to San Diego. May 2012
009. Visit Seattle, WA.
010. Go to Santa Barbara. June 2013
011. Go to Portland, OR.
012. Go to London and get a picture taken with Big Ben.
013. Watch the changing of the guard.
014. Get a puppy.
015. Become a permanent resident of Canada.
016. Don't watch any TV for a week, unless it's a movie at night. (7/7)
017. Write at least one handwritten letter a month. (12/12) 2012
018. Have a home.
019. Go to a driving range.
020. Go to a shooting range.
021. Move into a bigger apartment. May 2013
022. Get a car. February 2012
023. Get a newer and much more reliable car. February 2015
024. Watch every HP movie within a 2-week period. (8/8)
025. Color Easter eggs. Easter 2012 & 2013
026. Go to the Griffith Observatory.
027. Make a fort and sleep in it.
028. Throw pottery on a pottery wheel.
029. Go boating. Summer 2012
030. Go horseback riding.
031. Go camping. September 2013
032. Reach my goal weight and stay there (120).
033. Go a month without spending money on anything besides bills.
034. Reach 2,000 followers on Instagram.
035. No fast food for a month. (30/30)
036. Go to Nomad restaurant in Vancouver.
037. Go up to Big Bear.
038. Get a real Christmas tree.
039. Go to a pumpkin patch.
040. Make my own apple cider.
041. Become a gold card member at Starbucks. March 2013
042. Floss every night for a month. (0/30)
043. Crochet a granny-square afghan.
044. Re-read the entire Harry Potter series. (0/7)
045. Re-read the entire Hunger Games trilogy.(0/3)
046. Bake something new each month for a year. (12/12) 2012
047. Go a whole week without my computer. (7/7)
048. Get sealed in the Vancouver LDS temple.
049. Learn how to drive stick-shift.
050. Mail a secret to Postsecret.
051. Find and read every book written by C.S. Lewis. (22/38)
052. Get a library card and use it.
053. Complete a 365 project.
054. Watch the 2012 Olympics.
055. Get a Canon Rebel of some kind. February 2013
056. Sky dive.
057. Learn to surf / stand up on a surfboard.
058. Host a book club on my blog. Summer 2013
059. Go to a live concert in Hollywood. February 27, 2015
060. Crash a wedding.
061. Go to Catalina Island.
062. Have a photoshoot with Dustin.
063. Go whale watching.
064. Get a second and third tattoo.
August 2012
065. Get a fourth tattoo. December 2013
066. Get a pair of small, expensive earrings. Feb 14, 2015
067. Watch 75 films from IMDb's top 250 list. (78/75)
068. Attend an Angel's baseball game. Spring & Summer 2013
069. Attend a Dodger's baseball game.
070. Play a whole game of par three golf. September 2014
071. Attend an LA Clippers game.
072. Enjoy a day at the spa.
073. Go to Disneyland / Knott's Berry Farm again.
074. Complete one scrapbook.
075. Attend a Kelowna Rockets' game.
076. Do an hour-a-day photo challenge.
077. Refurbish an old piece of furniture.
078. See the Rockets hockey team play.
079. See Cirque Du Soleil or Stomp.
080. Send out a photo Christmas card. 2013
081. Take the I Still Love Calligraphy online e-course.
082. Complete a Project Life album.
083. Read 100 books. (100/100)
084. Walk at least 15 minutes every single day for a month. (0/30)
085. Get an SRU hoodie/sweatshirt to represent my roots.
086. Have/adopt a baby.
087. See a moose.
088. Celebrate my blog's 5th birthday with a huge giveaway! September 2013
089. Meet three blog friends in real life. (3/3)
090. Get baptized into the LDS church.
091. Complete just one month of Fat Mum Slim's Photo-a-Day Challenge.
092. See Brand New in concert.
093. Meet my nephews, Maxwell and Finnegan, in person.
095. Get a blog design that is 100% home and 'me.'
096. Own a piece of jewelry from Junghwa by Amy Stewart.
098. Go to midnight premiere of Mockingjay Part 1.
099. Go bowling.
100. Go to the midnight premiere of Catching Fire!



  1. i think it's so RANDOM that you were born in coral springs, fl!!!! my dad was stationed there from when i was 11-14 and again when i was 16 and all the way through the rest of my teenage years!!! i have many, many, maaaaaaaaany memories there :) :) :)

  2. I love reading others' 101 lists. I came across your blog this morning and have really enjoyed looking through it!

  3. Such a fantastic list! How is your progress on it?


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