A Plan.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016
As I prepare for my Shakeology to get here (I purchased it on Monday, get your butt here already!), my motivation for things have changed a bit. I'm eager to lose weight, to have more energy to become more fit, to work hard and become the woman I really want to become. I read somewhere that we were given three things in this life: a body, a mind, and a lifetime. And how we use of the first two impacts the length and happiness of the third. Well, I'm tired of not being in control of my body and allowing my cravings and such to control me.


I also read somewhere that a goal without a plan is just a wish, so, I need a plan. Besides the Shakeology, what else have I got? More walking, that's for sure. More fruit and veggies, I've been off sugar now for two and a half weeks!, so I'm on the right path! I want to focus on other things that make me happy as well! So, what are those things? My hubby of course, reading dystopian fiction, reading my scriptures, talking about the gospel, going out for sushi or pizza or wings, (not healthy - but a yummy cheat day!), oh - I'll have one cheat day a week which allows one treat.

Things I'm Doing to Better Myself
Read (the books I've already read in 2016 here)
Walk 4x a week
Eat more fruits and veggies often
Drink my Shakeology
Get on a consistent sleep schedule
Make new friends
Read my scriptures daily
Try and blog more

What are you doing to better yourself lately?


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  1. I have been reading the Selection series too. I'm on The Heir that just came out and after that I hope to get The Crown to read. Lately I've been eating healthier foods. I used to hate veggies and all that but I have found ways to eat them and enjoy them. I also have started to make compost for my landlord as well as only purchasing slave-free, direct trade, and fair trade products (even clothing and such). We have become minimalists and I only own enough to fit one drawer. I have changed a lot in the past year and love it.


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